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RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

IoT: A Comprehensive Guide Covering Technologies, Use Cases, Benefits, and Limitations

IoT, the connection of physical objects via the Internet, is finding practical applications in various fields today. In full development,...

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Supply Chain, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

AI, a new ally of RFID and IoT for enhanced traceability.

Today, traceability requirements apply to all economic sectors. From production to distribution, the entire journey of products needs to be...

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Agri-food industry, RFID, IoT

IoT for a smarter agriculture

According to the WHO’s estimates, "Global agricultural production must increase by 70%, and double in developing countries by 2050 to meet...

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RFID, IoT, Retail

Improving customer experience with IoT technologies

Faced with high consumer demands for quality, speed and transparency, the retail sector must constantly reinvent itself. Customer...

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Health Industry, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Dematerialization solutions in hospitals

Today we present our E-Kanban solution to optimize your drug and equipment inventory management in the hospital environment. Because errors...

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Laundry, Hotel Industry, RFID, IoT, Laundry management

RFID in the textile sector: transparency as a business model

Did you know that linen maintenance is the third largest expense in the hotel industry, after building depreciation and staff?Although...

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Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking, Datacenter

How is IoT transforming Data Centers?

A data center is a facility regrouping physical servers for one or more companies. Valuable for industries, it’s the perfect way to store...

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Laundry, Health Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Laundry management

Laundries: strengthening customer loyalty with RFID

Traceability solutions in the laundry industry Laundries throughout the industry agree: Tracking textiles with RFID in ultra-high frequency...

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