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Assets Tracking


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Health Industry, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Dematerialization solutions in hospitals

Today we present our E-Kanban solution to optimize your drug and equipment inventory management in the hospital environment. Because errors...

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Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking, Datacenter

How is IoT transforming Data Centers?

A data center is a facility regrouping physical servers for one or more companies. Valuable for industries, it’s the perfect way to store...

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Supply Chain, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

How to optimise the annual inventories of large groups with the IoT?

Physical inventory is the classic method of warehouse inventory for large industrial groups. It requires a high level of staffing, a high...

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Supply Chain, Tool management, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Asset tracking, a challenge for Industry 4.0

Asset tracking represents a major productivity challenge for industrials. This process allows them to monitor real time visibility of their...

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Health Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Medical equipment under control in hospitals

Moving towards automation of hospital processes Ageing populations, staff shortages, rising costs, crisis management, there are many...

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Agri-food industry, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

How can traceability be ensured from farmer to plate?

Comsumers are waiting for transparency 👀 The health scandals of recent years, coupled with the new trends favoured by consumers (healthy...

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Supply Chain, Tool management, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Safer and more efficient transport of goods

Technological advances in the transport and logistics sector continue to progress. In recent years, the explosion of online sales and the...

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Laundry, Hotel Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Laundry management, Assets tracking

RFID a major asset for industrial laundries

The laundry, a key service during the health crisis 🏥 Many laundries have stepped in to help hospitals and medical staff with the...

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