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Inventory, RFID, IoT, Retail

Optimization of in-store item management with RFID

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) traceability, already well established in France, is revolutionizing the retail sector, as witnessed...

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Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking, Datacenter

How is IoT transforming Data Centers?

A data center is a facility regrouping physical servers for one or more companies. Valuable for industries, it’s the perfect way to store...

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Supply Chain, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

How to optimise the annual inventories of large groups with the IoT?

Physical inventory is the classic method of warehouse inventory for large industrial groups. It requires a high level of staffing, a high...

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Laundry, Health Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Laundry management

Laundries: strengthening customer loyalty with RFID

Traceability solutions in the laundry industry Laundries throughout the industry agree: Tracking textiles with RFID in ultra-high frequency...

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Health Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Assets tracking

Medical equipment under control in hospitals

Moving towards automation of hospital processes Ageing populations, staff shortages, rising costs, crisis management, there are many...

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Supply Chain, Inventory, RFID, IoT

Good stock management, the key to profitability

Stock management is one of the biggest challenges facing logistics companies or those which own a warehouse or distribute their products.It...

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Laundry, Hotel Industry, Inventory, RFID, IoT, Laundry management, Assets tracking

RFID a major asset for industrial laundries

The laundry, a key service during the health crisis 🏥 Many laundries have stepped in to help hospitals and medical staff with the...

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Laundry, Hotel Industry, Inventory, IoT, Laundry management

Linen management: How to reduce costs with IOT

With the emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and more specifically RFID technology, hotels are reinventing...

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